You can fuck without a brain

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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is brainfuck.

Brainfuck is a pretty good esolang, but it is unusable without a brain, while this is a bad esolang, but you don't need a brain to use it.


This is an esolang designed by User:None1, for unbrained people and non-humans, but people with brains can still use it quite easily.

Why is the article named "You can fuck without a brain"

I, in fact does not expect the name to be that, but I don't know how to add strikes in the title.


This esolang has only one command, which is the increment command +.There is also only one 8 bit cell.

When the program runs, it runs all the + command (other characters are ignored), and prints the resulting cell value as ASCII.

Example Programs

Print A



Note that the Python interpreter outputs an extra line feed, if you don't want that, you can add ,end="" before the last ).


int main(){
    char c,x=0;
 .  while((c=getchar())!=EOF){
        if(c=='+') ++x;
    return 0;





The program is generated using BFFuck, which is a brainfuck code generator.

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