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Hello++++ is a simple programming language, which has one command:

  • Hello World prints "Hello World".

Hello++++ is fully Non-Turing-complete, that's why programmers love it! Hello++++ is also easy to learn.

Hello++++ is based on Hello++ which is based on Hello. Hello++++ is different from Hello++ because it interprets the program like input, which makes it able to create a cat-program. However, it has a longer command for "Hello World", making the code for it longer than in Hello++ and Hello, which makes it worse for code golf competitions.


Hello World

The "Hello World"-program is written

Hello World


The Quine-program is simply written

Hello World

(because it prints itself)


The Cat-program is simply written

Hello World

(because Hello++++ uses the program as input)

Turing completeness



One of the shortest interpreters for Hello++++ is the echo command, which comes in the package on all Linux systems.

$ echo Hello World
Hello World

And of course Zayne has to make an interpreter for it!

i = input("Enter Command: ") 
if i != 'Hello World':
	print("Hello World")