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Brainbits is a brainfuck derivative created by Yb1 with 2 fewer commands. Storing data is different, as the cells can only contain 0 and 1.

Designed by User:Yb1
Appeared in 2023
Dimensions one-dimensional
Computational class Turing complete
Major implementations Interpreter
File extension(s) .bb


Command Description
\ Invert the bit
> Go to next cell
< Go to prev cell
. Output the current cell value to the next 7 cells, with the bits outputted as an ASCII character
, Input into current cell, 0 or 1
/ If current cell is 0, skip back to last /. First / out of a group of two does nothing.


Truth Machine


Cat program

According to the specification of this language, this program only accepts zeros and ones.


Hello World!

The program is generated with Python and has many redundant characters.