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Hello! I am creator of Scratch studio for Esoteric programming languages and I love Esointerpreters! You can see some of them. here.

Things I made

Languages(In Chronological order)





Data Structures

Turing-completness Proofs

Interpreters for languages I didn't create

Things that I like and don't like

Things that I like

Things I don't like

  • Computational class:Total(Why does it exist if there is Finite state automaton or Push down automaton?)

TODO list

My Ideas for esolangs

Self-Modifying goto and if

Using one/two self-modifying instruction(s) for making loops and if statements

Self-Modifying language(SMlang)

Turing-complete language that uses only commands for swaping instructions and adding new commands while interpreting commands. It need to use program as memory that can be changed.