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Brainspin is a variant of brainfuck where there are only three spaces of memory and they are constantly being cycled through, designed by User:Nmcassa in 2022.


After every character of the code, the memory cycles one place to the right (unless it's at the end where it goes to the start) creating a circle of data. There are only three spots to work with so memory management can be difficult. Because of this change, the < and > commands of brainfuck have been removed and the command * has been added to wait and do nothing as to allow the cycle to move once more. All other characters are ignored and don't move the cycle.


Hello w/ Input

,  type 72 for Cell #1 to be the ascii for H
,  type 69 for Cell #2 to be the ascii for E
,  type 76 for Cell #3 to be the ascii for L



Computational class

It is Turing-complete by reduction from 3-cell brainfuck:

BF Brainspin
+ +**
- -**
> *
[ [**
] ]**


here by User:Nmcassa