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This page shows some Brainfuck extensions and languages which implement them.

Extension Description Languages
Absolute jump by id JumpFuck
Arithmetic operations cbrain, Extended Brainfuck, Grin, Merucik, Ragaraja, SPL
Bitwise shift cbrain, Extended Brainfuck, Stacked Brainfuck
Bitwise logical operations AND, OR, XOR and NOT. cbrain, Extended Brainfuck, Ragaraja, Stacked Brainfuck
Copy operation Introduce copy and paste operations using clipboard (accumulator). Brainlove, Emo, Extended Brainfuck, Ragaraja, SPL
Clear operation Introduce clear operation which is macro for brainfuck code [-] Brainlove, Brainfuck, COW, Grin, L00P, Ragaraja, XBF
Data stack Can support one or more stacks and switching between them. Introduce some of push, pop and peek operations. Brainscrambler, Hargfak, Headache, Stacked Brainfuck, Brainfuck$
Data queue
Enhanced loops Support for unconditional skip to loop end or loop start. Brains
Execution data as program COW
Files BrainfuckXT
Integers cbrain, Ragaraja
Logical operations AND, OR, XOR and NOT. Grin, Ragaraja
Memory register fetch, store cbrain, Merucik, Ragaraja
Multiple data pointers Cufrab, DoubleFuck, Emo, Hargfak
Multiple data tapes Cufrab, DoubleFuck, Nandypants, omnifuck
Multi-dimensional data memory Clusterfuck, Hcbf, Paintfuck, Sansism
Multi-dimensional program memory Brainloller, Braincopter, Minimal-2D, Pirandello, Sansism, Track, YABALL
Multithreading Support for spawning new thread and switching context. Brainfork, Brains
Networking NetFuck
No operation instruction Brains, Brainstack, Burro, circlefuck, Emo
Program termination Halt program operation cbrain, circlefuck, L00P, Merucik, NetFuck, Pirandello, SGMJQFuck, SPL, YABALL
Random addressing Indirectly access the tape using the contents of a cell as index Brainfuck^
Shared data and program memory Program and data share same tape or language allow some kind of access to program memory. This allow self-modifying program code. Braintwist, circlefuck, Cufrab, Self-modifying Brainfuck, SGMJQFuck
Stack instead of tape Brainstuck, Toadskin
Step trace toggle cbrain
String handling BrainfuckXT, Merucik
Subroutines, functions, macros Brainfunct, Brains, Brainstack, cbrain, Crainfuck, Cufrab, mindfunc, Merucik, omnifuck, pbrain, Toadskin, Mindscrew
Timing Introduce sleep/delay operation Alarm Clock Radio, NetFuck

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