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4RL (pronounced "for real") is an esoteric programming language created by User:Frogstair in April 2020, and is a breed of brainfuck.

The language can be compiled to brainfuck in a 1:1 relationship if the A command is not used.

Language overview

4RL, like brainfuck, operates on a tape, each cell in the tape is initialized to zero. The tape is 2^16 bytes long, each cell being one byte.

The commands are equivalent to brainfuck:

Command BF equivalent Result
4 + Increment tape cell at pointer
r - Decrement cell pointer
e > Advance pointer to next cell
a < Retreat pointer to previous cell
l [ If value under pointer is zero, jump to matching L
R , Take user input, store it in the cell under pointer
E . Output value under pointer as ASCII character
A None Terminate program
L ] If value at pointer is not zero, jump to matching l


Hello, World!

Here is a hello world program