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Brainscrambler is an esoteric programming language designed by Cody Brocious in 2004, and implemented by Nerowolfe in 2008. It is a brainfuck variant with 3 stacks instead of the tape.

Brainscrabler memory consists of three stacks: A, B, and C. The "current stack" starts out at A, then is rotated to B, then to C, then back to A again, etc. Stacks hold integers that are at least -1; lower numbers may or may not be implemented. The number on top of the current stack is called the current number. The commands:

+ Increment the current number.
- Decrement the current number.
< Move the current number to the stack to the "left".
> Move the current number to the stack to the "right".
* Push a zero onto the current stack.
^ Pop the current number and discard it.
# Rotate between stacks.
, Input a number and push it to the current stack.
. Output the current number.
[ While the current number is nonzero...
] End while.