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This is like brainfuck, but has main pointer, sub pointer (points to same memory space but may be different position), and one main stack.

These command are same as brainfuck:


These command are new commands:


Data types:

  • Number
  • Code-block
  • Pointer
  • Stack

Notes about new commands:

  • * Swap main and sub pointer
  • {} Make a code-block, push to stack
  • ; Push data at pointer to stack
  • : Pop data from stack, put at pointer (if empty stack, no function)
  • ( Move top from main stack to top of stack at sub pointer
  • ) Reverse function of (
  • @ Exit code-block
  • ! Push main pointer to stack
  • & Push empty stack to stack
  • # Push zero to stack
  • $ Swap top 2 values of stack
  • = Saves the entire program state to a program-state stack
  • ~ Discards an entry from program-state stack
  • | Pops an entry from program-state stack and resets the program state to the restored state
  • ` Moves entry from top of main stack of state at top of program-state stack to top of the real main stack
  • ' Reverse function of `
  • % Swap top 2 entry of program-state stack

Notes about old commands:

  • +- To number, +- mod 256, to code-block or stack, nothing, to pointer, + as > and - as <.
  • [] Empty stack, empty code-block, pointer left of main pointer, all are considered as zero.
  • . To number output, to codeblock execute, to pointer to move main pointer to point at same place as this pointer.


  • ?name{data} Define a macro (case sensitive!)
  • name Use macro
  • number command Repeated command
  • // Comment until end of line


?out{;$:.:} // Macro to pop value from stack and output
?in{;,;$:} // Macro to input value and push to stack