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SPL is an esoteric programming language invented by StelK around December 2005. It is very similar to Brainfuck but it has some new instructions. It was made only as a hobby. SPL can handle only integers.

Command set

The SPL command set is that of Brainfuck with some alterations.

> Move pointer right
< Move pointer left
. Output the byte at the pointer
, Input the byte at the pointer
[ Jump past matching ] if the accumulator is 0
] Jump back to matching [ unless the accumulator is 0

New instructions:

^ Load the current byte in the accumulator
$ Wait for an input and put it in the accumulator
% Put in the current byte the result of the current byte%accumulator
m Multiplies the current byte by the accumulator
a Add the accumulator to the current byte
s Subtract the accumulator to the current byte
d Divide the current byte by the accumulator
& Terminate the program immediately


To print text you can simply put it between "". So the classic "Hello World" program is:

"Hello World

The new line character is also printed. Text between # and # is a comment. Comments can't be nested. (The current implementation allows you to match an [ or ] inside comments for interesting results.)

This asks a number and prints the numbers between it and zero:

"n: "|^[." "-^]"

See also

  • Brainfuck: The language from which SPL is born.

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