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hello. i'm yayimhere. i have created some esolangs: get there, f ck you, S.B.M.F.B, interfacefactory, gt++fy, Walls, and O.S.M. ive also made these(i think they are better) (...) IS 2D!! Backway =? O(א₀) ∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫ ⦿⚚♆⚧⟁⌬⚶⟆⚡⟴⚘⍟⚕⧏⚜⫷⚡⌛⍨⚭⟊⚳⦾⏁⚋⟾⚬ Твердою O⟴o+vFuck DQ Ø Drunkscript Leftoutside Nope SUTRAGNEZOl Хязгаар. ive made a lot i know. although i can code in them im not gud enough at coding to implement them. if you wanna plz do it.
here is my sandbox btw: User:Yayimhere/Sandbox