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I am the error machine in your Python file machine and I will unbreak your program.


I am “currently” working on Interstack, a stack-based esolang with some influence from Brainfuck.
My languages on this wiki are:

Possibly useful regexes

Here’s one to put exactly one space on each side of each operator, e.g. “a= b” -> “a = b” (replace <=|==|>=| with your 2-char operators, and [+\-/*^<=>] with your 1-char operators):

re.sub(r"\s*(<=|==|>=|[+\-/*^<=>])\s*", r" \1 ", yourString)


"Hello" program

A "Hello" program is an alternative to a "Hello, World!" program if you’re too lazy to output 13 characters, your language is limited to 5-12 output characters per program, or you can’t output “Hello, World!” or an equivalent in your language (for example, in HGFTSNOA, ‘W’ can’t be output).

Loop while no input program

A program that continues asking for user input until that input is empty, e.g. nothing is entered.