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Not Python is a language created by User:PythonshellDebugwindow.


To call a non-user-created function:


To create a function:


To return a value x in a function:


The above, but print x first:

{x printer:; *x}

Create a function that returns the nth value passed to it (1-based):


To call the nth user-created function (0-based):


To call the nth function with a args, add %arg a times.


Last function is the main function. All code other than function definitions, global variable/constant definitions, and function imports should be written here, as not putting statements in a function would raise an error.

Not in main function

Import function

[vImport ^fname]

Global variable def


Global constant def



Hello, World!

{<Hello, World!> printer:}


[vImport ^in]{$in printer:}


[vImport ^eq][vImport ^in]{&$eq%$in%'1' Forever ='1' printer:/Forever|| '0' printer:}

Create a function to add 2 numbers and call it

{*(@@1 + @@2)}{$0%5%10 printer:}

Create a function to find the area of a circle with radius and call it

[vImport ^MATHPI]{*((@@1 * 2) * MATHPI)}{$0%5 printer:}