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Javagony is an OOP programming language derived from Java. The only differences to Java are that following statements are not available in Javagony:

for (){}
if (){} //including else and else if
while (){}
do {} while ();

But everything else remains exactly the same as in the corresponding Java version. As the Loops - that Java users might be used to using - are not available, the primary instrument for looping is recursion. And one of the ways of anchoring recursions is using the

try {} catch(){}



Java is known to be very unsuitable for code-golf as it is inherently verbose. To emphasize this feature, Javagony was created, in the spirit of "There is no problem so bad that you can't make it worse.". The name was first coined by the user flawr in PPCG.SE.


Javagony is Turing-complete; proof is at Javagony Turing-completeness proof.

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