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brainfuck, brainfuck are pretty good esolangs, and so is brainfuck. But you can't use any of them without fingers. Although this is a weird esolang, anything can use it.


This esolang is created by User:None1, for people who do not have fingers and non-humans, but people with fingers can still use it quite easily.

Because it has to be usable without fingers, the esolang is out of the topic "brainfuck", and it is NOT derived from brainfuck.


To use this language, you don't need a brain, or a hippocampus, or a finger, you don't even have to be alive! All you need is nothing.


There is no syntax, any program is valid and always prints out "Hello World!" (without quotes, with or without exclamation mark). This helps you print "Hello World!" without doing anything.

Example Programs

Hello World!


Hello World!

It is certain that the quine can only be run by people with fingers, but can be printed by anything.


There are already tons of implementations in the Esolang wiki itself, known as the Hello World programs. But if you want, here is a Python interpreter:

print("Hello World!")

and an even shorter Python interpreter:

import __hello__

and a C interpreter:

int main(){
    puts("Hello World!");
    return 0;

and infinite number of self interpreters (because any program is one), one of them is:

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