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Working on

Languages I have created

Code for languages created by others

Interested in

Has anyone implemented Deadfish in Malbolge? That might tempt me if exploring Malbolge won't lead too directly to insanity.

Other computational implementations

Non-Latin historical writing system esolangs

Language Description When
Aheui Korean Hangul ~1500 CE
ᚱᚢᚾᛅᛦ (Runaʀ) Runic Fungeoid ~150 / 800 CE
Nikud Hebrew Niqqud diacritics ~600 CE
ΙΧΘΥΣ Classical Greek ~900 BCE
Hieroglyphic (also possibly Hieroglyphics - incomplete spec) Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphics ~2000 BCE
A-DU Cretan Linear-A ~2500 BCE
Sumerian Sumerian Cuneiform ~2500 BCE

Honourable mention

Юᓂ곧⎔ makes uses of:

  • Braille (1824)
  • Mongolian Numerals (~1700 CE)
  • Cyrillic (~940 CE)
  • Runes (~150 / 800 CE)
  • Ge'ez (~800 BCE)
  • I-Ching Hexagrams (~ 900 BCE).

This list is by no means complete, feel free to help by letting me know about anything else that should be on this list on my talk page.


  • Verbosus: Translate Verbose into Latin, because Roman numerals. Decidedly not Non-Latin, but historical.
  • ᚱᚢᚾᛅᛦ: Translate / convert RunR into Futhark, because the language name looks like a near/false declension of the Old Norse word for "Rune", and a 2D runic language might look quite nice. Needs attention to letter meanings and runic orthography. SHOULD NOT be an arbitrary assignment! I'm currently working on this, and trying to incorporate historical secret / code rune inscriptions.
  • An esolang using the early geometric cave drawing symbols from the work of Genevieve von Petzinger for the ultimate earliest in human symbolic representation (Don't think these are in Unicode). (~40,000 BP)
  • An Enochian based language (not representable in Unicode!). To be done properly, it should make use of: the Enochian tablets for some kind of operations, Enochian Gematria, be in keeping with the theme and philosophy of Dr. Johannes Dee, and furthermore contain references to early ciphers and the possibility that Enochian was used for international espionage, and make use of modern statistical analysis of the language and tablets. Should probably be a high level language, or at least use meaningful keywords since there exists a decent Enochian dictionary with many concepts that could be used for computation. It SHOULD NOT be called 'Enochian', rather it should have a meaningful title in the language. GEDCOMSELHAH may be translatable as 'esolang'? (1580s, or pre-humanity, depending on belief/credulity)