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Esolangs using non-Latin historical writing systems

Language Description When
Aheui Korean Hangul ~1500 CE
ᚱᚢᚾᛅᛦ (Runaʀ) Runic Fungeoid ~150 / 800 CE
Nikud Hebrew Niqqud diacritics ~600 CE
قلب (Qlb) Arabic ~400 CE
ΙΧΘΥΣ Classical Greek ~900 BCE
Hieroglyphic (also possibly Hieroglyphics - incomplete spec) Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphics ~2000 BCE
A-DU Cretan Linear-A ~2500 BCE
Sumerian Sumerian Cuneiform ~2500 BCE

Honourable mention

Юᓂ곧⎔ makes uses of:

  • Braille (1824)
  • Mongolian Numerals (~1700 CE)
  • Cyrillic (~940 CE)
  • Runes (~150 / 800 CE)
  • Ge'ez (~800 BCE)
  • I-Ching Hexagrams (~ 900 BCE).

This list is by no means complete, feel free to help by letting me know about anything else that should be on this list on my talk page.