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a selfie

Hi, I'm Pixelated Starfish. I enjoy video game development, music, singing, and computer science. I drew a pixelated starfish, hence the name.

If you would like a logo for your programming language, reach out to me in the discussion page!

Implemented Languages


The sweet, charming little bundle of joy born of Heck and Starstuff.

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I created Blood, also called Blood32, after watching videos by User:Truttle1. I was recovering from a nosebleed at the time, so I like to think I put my blood into the language. I had to get a keyboard cover!

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Broken Calculator

A Turing incomplete language in which source is prone to random crashes; this language features high-level operations for arithmetic with integers.

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Heck is designed such that source code is expressible as a hexadecimal number. This language is designed such that the uninitiated will utter "What the heck?!" upon attempting to read source.

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I created Something because I grew tired of the vague error message "Oops! Something went wrong!" on so many apps.

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Anything ever typed can compile to a runnable program with Starstuff.

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A deque based language in which memory rotates, as if on a wheel. It is one of a small number of deque based languages that has an implementation.

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Unimplemented Languages

Forget Me Not

A language with a very forgetful instruction pointer.


One sleepless summer night, this language appeared.


A deque-based language filled with features for experimenting with computation on theoretical machines. Vessel is based on Blood32.

In Chronological Order

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