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I'm worried about this, please stop

Dear Hppavilion and other people behind this,

I share your frustration on these brainfuck derivatives and agree that they rarely add anything new or interesting. It is boring to read these articles, knowing that they will lead to disappointment. I acknowledge that this page might be helpful as it collects information in a simple format to a one place.

However, I consider this witch-hunt against brainfuck equivalents deeply unnecessary and even harmful. The meaning of this website is to provide a platform for the esolang community to share their innovations, thoughts and projects. It should always be safe to create an article without being afraid of people that judge and people that accuse. It is not constructive to seek to prevent creation of some kind of languages, regardless of how stupid you think they are. Every reader of this wiki has right to ignore the content they don't like.

Esoteric programming languages are not only science and math. They are also works of art. Sometimes they are only entertainment. Some are called joke languages. They don't need to add or use any scientifically interesting concept, as they are interesting in themselves. I know they can be a lot of fun, for example I enjoyed VerboseFuck very much when I first read it. Usually it is not only the language that makes me laugh, but the whole text, the humorous description and all. You seem to ignore this, removing all the fun by forcing all "trivial brainfuck substitutions" to a one table.

I know that jokes aren't always fun. Most jokes are really, really boring. I own a joke book, a big green book containing hundredths of pages, every one filled with tiny text. It contains so many jokes that I've never read them all and possible never will. And when I read the book, I find nearly every joke boring and stupid. But when the one good joke comes, I laugh and think how wonderful the book is and thank myself for spending time on all the stupid jokes. Of course different persons find different jokes entertaining, so it is necessary to include many to please everyone.

This wiki has a joke language category for joke languages. So this wiki is a joke book. I don't like the most joke languages, but when I find a good one, I enjoy it. It is only great that there are many languages, many jokes to amuse a lot of people. And then you come and try to scare people away. You even modified the Morsefuck article with a message targeting the author, accusing him or her of making something wrong. However, he or she did nothing wrong. This wiki does not have a specified policy concerning brainfuck derivatives that possible could restrict one's right to create an article about a language. If there are no rules, it is impossible to break a rule.

Can't you leave the authors alone? It is not your business what languages they create. It is allowed to create stupid languages, you shouldn't care. This must come to end. Stop being silly and childish.

A concerned member of the community, GermanyBoy (talk) 19:10, 21 December 2016 (UTC)

Whereas I don't care about most brainfuck derivatives, possibly of none, I agree that they should not be treated differently. --Keymaker (talk) 19:51, 21 December 2016 (UTC)
I agree, and have deleted the page accordingly. Trivial brainfuck derivatives make me sigh, but this is inappropriate. ehird (talk) 01:18, 22 December 2016 (UTC)