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Morsefuck is an esoteric language completely based on Brainfuck. It is inspired by the obfuscation created by this language, but taking it even further. It was created on December 18, 2016, by thoga31.

By using a three-combination of dots (.) and dashes (-) - the basis of Morse Code, thus this name -, the set of eight operators is possible.

List of operators:

> .-- W
< --. G
+ ..- U
- -.. D
. -.- K
, .-. R
[ --- O
] ... S

(Note: The letters in the right column is not in use in Morsefuck.)

When you see a code in Morsefuck, you'll get lost: which is its purpose! You don't know where an operator starts and ends because everything is possible from any point of the code!

Morsefuck is supported by a Brainfuck-like languages interpreter implemented by the creator of Morsefuck.

This program shows the famous "Hello World":