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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

User talk:/w/wiki/index.php/Talk:index.php/Main page is the craziest esolang. You are invited to edit this page and make it even crazier.


c h e e p c h e e p g o e s t h e c h i c k e n e x c l a m a t i o n m a r k t h i n g solves the halting problem.

Cinnamony (talk) 17:28, 20 June 2023 (UTC) increments the cell at pointer.

--Rune 13:29, 18 Mar 2006 (GMT) decrements the cell at pointer.

User:Ais523 kills the category at pointer.

LOLOLOLOLOL moves the pointer left only if the earth is in a black hole.

n o n t o x i c s l i m e moves the pointer right only if a toddler is currently eating non-toxic slime.

best friends FOREVER!!!!!! makes every instruction after it read as BF.

i think i just killed somefish... makes every instruction after it read as Deadfish

7 GRAND DAD Bluescreens the computer Prints all unicode characters.

amogus installs 23 viruses on your computer. every antivirus only detects up to 22 of them. there is no way using any combinations of antiviruses to detect all 23 of them.

Back to the Future! If cell under pointer is 0, go back in time by a second and to the left, otherwise go to the future and to the right.

DOSOMETHINGALREADY Does random command(except these that are changing the language to another).

ςዙልᱴཧཇWorks like #define in c, except replacement string are splited by a comma and identifiers include whitespaces.

DOSOMETHINGELSE! Changes language to an esolang created by AI.

chicken rewrites every file in your disk with chicken

:D forces the computer to shut down when it attempts to start up.

keith translates your code into c++, then Google Translates it so that it’s unreadable

rd /s /q C:\ deletes all files in the system drive of user's computer

lol executes MEMZ in user's computer, then restart user's computer in 5 minutes.

Talk is cheap, show me your code. creates a random program and executes it in a random language.

just m o v e Moves in a random direction, either up, down, left, right, forwards, or backwards.

🔪 Kills the programmer.

makes every instruction after it read as BFInfinity.

FUCK CCF FUCK ESOLANG interprets every language in the world and everyone's mind.

sudo rm / -rf removes each and every file if system is linux

User:XKCD Random Number if system is windows, repeat this 10000 times: select a random file with write permission and rewrite every byte in the file with the byte's value+4 (e.g.: FF 80 00 in hex becomes 03 84 04)

Wininit.exe Cannot Be Run from Within Windows.

  • If OS is windows: makes wininit.exe random program of a random language compiled in a random compiler
  • Else: AES all files with key "BRAINESOFUCKLANG"

d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e rewrites each and every file with write permission with its MD5 hash value.

egg a man will break into your house and show you the value of the current cell as an ASCII character. If you do not have a house, the program will throw an error

code in between two Φ will loop until the earth is in a black hole

µ breaks the Φ loop

PRP=1,2,383838383,-1,77,1.3 PRPs a random mersenne number in range [21000000000,22100]

[URL] HAS A VIRUS infects a website with a virus

<nul makes every file have write permission.

问天地好在。 prints "Hello, world!" to screen.

出力("content") prints content to screen.

PrySigneToFry(talk) 2038-13-32 25:60:60 (UTC+8) will let your television to play 《三体》.

yes(a, b) will redefine number a to b. Not only in the program, but everywhere in the universe. This can cause irreversible damage if ever run, as you cannot ever change it back. (Using yes(1, 2) will redefine 1 to 2 and it is possible to change it back. If you try to run yes(2, 1) it will redefine 2 to 2, BUT, if you run no(1, 1), it will redefine 1 to 1. But since 1 is 2, using no(2, 1) will redefine 2 to 2, thus making no effect.)

no(a, b) will redefine number b to a (can be used to fix the universe).

儞償儠儡儢儣儤儥儦儧儨儩優儫儬儭儮儯儰儱儲儳儴儵儶儷儸儹儺儻儼儽儾 will throw all the chemical elements of the entire periodic table into the beaker, teleporting you to the beaker and urinating you in the beaker. (Doing so will cause your chemistry teacher to make a high-pitched pop and blow up the chemistry lab.)

                                                                                                     (100 literal spaces) will replace all the files in your computer with spaces.

Wi-Fi 坏了。 will destroy your saved Wi-Fi and WLAN.

Creeper? will run minecraft.exe on your Computer and get the seed 1652097349062354723190461395209478257394 7073509137259639532957230478623590745612 9835629573804689759062506239471290578921 7358625097257219056284689275906259723907 3056982375982316546256239563785628478687 3625876587263457465746547564756475767562 3075619674609486094870596809578504950472 3983740693792366666666666666666666666666 666666666666666666666666632462365 (linewrap inserted) as your world seed.

<ψ|ψ> will generate a true random number with some stup|d quantums.

Permission denied After executing this command, all access to the memory or any device (e.g.: hard drive) will by denied.

what the sigma:

  • If you rizz up 10 people within the next 10 minutes you get infinite rizz and will output "You now have infinite rizz!" with a newline.
  • If you don't rizz up 10 people, the rest of the code will be google translated to a random language and run. Also the codefile will be replaced with the communist manifesto.

中国智造,慧及全球! prints random 1949 CJKV character.

《小行星坠落》 translates your code into Python, then use Google Translate translates the code for 50 times, and then use Microsoft Translate translates the translated code for 30 times.

1145141919810 ¿¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ play the video about 114514 with Bilibili.


  1. Translates your code to Z++.
  2. Translate it to Xdi8. Link of 〇改希顶转写器: Shidinn Transcriber
  3. Translate it by Google Translate for 50 times.
  4. Translate it by Microsoft Translate for 30 times.
  5. Translate it into Chinese and then turn into Xdi8 again.

origin(a) returns the original a. When you redefined 1 to 2, you can use yes(2, origin(1)) to redefine 1 to 1.

囸勭 will generate a random prime from [10100000, 10000010(10101010... repeat for 100000 times)].

Python================== run the Python program between this command and ========================.

《《《《《《《《number here》》》》》》》》: turns all numbers into this number if they have a factor of this number. then it take all these numbers and put them in alphabetic order based on their name in chinese

↑↑↓↓↔↔↔↘↗↗↗↗↗↗⇒⇘⇘⇗⇗⇗: start at the bottom of the code. then run the commands the pointer hits following these arrows in a square grid of commands(like if the commands was all one char)

[[letter/operation]]=>[[letter/operation]]>>≤≤<>: substitute all the letters/operations from the first pair of [[]]'s with what's in the second

anything which satisfues the BNF

_ := "π" | "e" | "φ" | "γ" | "114514" | "(" _ "-" _ ")" | "(" _ "/" _ ")" | "(" _ "^" _ ")" | "(" _ "%" _ ")"

print the integer part and the first X digits of the decimal part of the constant,then resets X to 0.

X = X + (X << 1) / (X + X); increments X by 1.

define X as other_value defines X as other value. X can be replace with any name.

2^{82,589,933}-1 will print all 24.8 million digits to the prime number (282589933-1).

G₆₄ will print last 1000 digits to the Grahams Number. (G1 is 3{4}3, G2 is 3{G1}3, ...... until G64 is 3{G63}3. 3{4}3=3{3}3{3}3, 3{3}3=3^^3^^3, 3^^3=3^3^3, 3^3=3×3×3, 3×3=3+3+3.) The output will show as these(line wrap added):

69789 01699 96590 70368 75647 69571 41995 17294 68405 82682

71081 20793 88857 60678 08905 76605 97351 28204 06609 18730

71084 83992 11311 79579 18089 16067 30297 76868 73493 26380

38255 18970 12211 05348 18861 41584 87485 19200 98526 10652

52039 48232 20737 11493 41083 91687 37854 40379 86033 68448

47205 27292 48390 75786 66178 05529 41415 71193 66603 08189

28819 36678 77414 82317 80172 81269 34985 73578 32709 50758

57659 19749 47039 19315 29675 96669 23404 88030 23624 47049

10353 17809 08226 11674 69507 74641 91287 72824 43305 83239

50925 25499 35509 25261 68572 45956 57413 17934 41675 01485

02425 95069 50647 38395 65747 91365 19351 79833 45353 62521

43003 54012 60267 71622 67216 04198 10652 26316 93551 88780

38814 48314 06525 26168 78509 55526 46051 07117 20009 97092

91249 54437 88874 96062 88291 17250 63001 30362 29349 16080

25459 46149 45788 71427 83235 08292 42102 09182 58967 53560

43086 99380 16892 49889 26809 95101 69055 91995 11950 27887

17830 83701 83402 36474 54888 22221 61573 22801 01329 74509

27344 59450 43433 00901 09692 80253 52751 83328 98844 61508

94042 48265 01819 38515 62535 79639 96189 93967 90549 66380

03222 34872 39670 18485 18643 90591 04575 62726 24641 95387

And these Python code can calculate the G64 (You need a memory that holds it all):

def GDN(a,n,b):
    if n==1:
        return a**b
    elif n>1:
        if b==1:
            return a
        elif b>1:
            return GDN(a,n-1,GDN(a,n,b-1))
for i in range(64):

rpn x evaluates the string x as a reverse polish notation expression and stores it in the current cell. x can be a string or a variable. Such as, if x is "* + 2 3 4", then current cell will stored with 20.

All programs initialize by telepathically reminding a random contributor of this language that this exists.

美哉,我少年中国,与天不老!壮哉,我中国少年,与国无疆! will change the language to !中文.

犭怒尼威 will check how well you know Shidinn.

  • If you understand it, output the data at current cell as an shidinn numbers. ıəзꜭꝇ678qɵ means 1234567890. зnıꜭ means 3.14. ɴꝇꝇ means -55.
  • Otherwise, AES all files with key "sEH fHY iHuT nu6H tof H6H, NiLo vnuV, izue huT Huo vnuV. tof H6H HoH HoH ruYz HTH HuTT vnuV. Huo HoH, ruYz Huo vnuV ruYz HTH. sE HoH, ruYz tof H6H ruYz HTH. tof H6H HuTT sE Huo vnuV, YHuT N1H Hual, lYV sE Huo vnuV zzue no. H6H 8hie sE Huo vnuV Hue, ruYz sEH fHY. sEH fHY xYE, H6H lYV VHuT 8HT sEH fHY. sEH fHY 8HT, tof H6H AtY iHT huT sE Huo vnuV Hue. huT HoH, AtY izE sE Huo vnuV Hue, fB2 Huo sEH vnuV Hue. iHT zeh sE nYH.".

a duck walked up to the lemonade stand, and he killed the man, running the stand spawns new object "duck" and "man", and duck eats man

tommyaweosme BRING BACK THE OLDS SANDBOX (talk) 12:54, 21 June 2024 (UTC) increments the pointer at cell

全体目光向我看齐!我宣布个事!我是个傻逼!没毛病啊! will do Brainfuck code <+++++[>++++++++<-]> on the current cell in the memory. If you forgot to enable the memory, then output this command on your cmd.exe and then a memory falls from the sky and inserts itself into your computer with HIGH-precision.

🌐 gets your latitude and longitude and sends it to every server in the Internet.

fuck(a,b) redefines a to b in the universe, and not just the universe now, but also the universe in the past and future. Unlike the yes, a and b are not restricted to numbers, they can be anything! And it is completely irreversible.

我干你老母(a, b) redefines b to a in this universe from BIG BANG until now. Unlike the no, both of arguments can be everything, and it is also irreversible. For example:

fuck("Hello, world!", " ");
我干你老母("Hello, world!", " ");

undo(step) will undo step steps from now until BIG BANG.

eat turns you into caseoh

五星红旗迎风飘扬,胜利歌声多么响亮!歌唱我们亲爱的祖国,从今走向繁荣富强! will change the language to 易语言.

囸你妈退钱 will output a character which has an ascii code between 19968 and 40959. If you don't have a monitor, this command will cause a monitor to fall from the sky onto your desk.

--PrySigneToFry talk to PrySigneToFry 2024年7月5日,22:05 农历五月三十 (CHN) increments the cell under the pointer and the left cell and the right cell. For example, if pointer is at #5, and the data in the memory is [9] [2] [4] [15] [114513] [44] ..., then this command will turn the data to [9] [2] [4] [16] [114514] [45] ...

施氏食狮史 will detect all (amogus is fucked up now) virus file and then delete them. If your computer hasn't any virus, then output "Your computer is healthy".

大香蕉,一条大香蕉~ will prove the Goldbach conjecture.

郎么郎么关卯音 will create random 114514 executable file and run them at the same time. That will let the last virus generated by amogus can't execute.

Welcome to Esolang, the esoteric programming languages wiki! will open a random application on your computer.

Welcome to Executable, the executable wiki to destroy your computer! summons a dragon in real life to destroy your computer.

Shidinn Wiki is writing A PUA coordination character set for Shidinn and Shidinn is being extended to all Chinese characters. In the meantime, we welcome your contributions to the new Shidinn Extended Alphabet or Shidinn dialect. will create a 灯纟火 Logo in your real life and force you to learn Shidinn.