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User talk:/w/wiki/index.php/Talk:index.php/Main page is the craziest esolang. You are invited to edit this page and make it even crazier.


Cinnamony (talk) 17:28, 20 June 2023 (UTC) increments the cell at pointer.

--Rune 13:29, 18 Mar 2006 (GMT) decrements the cell at pointer.

User:Ais523 kills the category at pointer.

LOLOLOLOLOL moves the pointer left only if the earth is in a black hole.

n o n t o x i c s l i m e moves the pointer right only if a toddler is currently eating non-toxic slime.

best friends FOREVER!!!!!! makes every instruction after it read as BF.

i think i just killed somefish... makes every instruction after it read as Deadfish

7 GRAND DAD Bluescreens the computer Prints all unicode characters.

Back to the Future! If cell under pointer is 0, go back in time by a second and to the left, otherwise go to the future and to the right.

DOSOMETHINGALREADY Does random command(except these that are changing the language to another).

ςዙልᱴཧཇWorks like #define in c, except replacement string are splited by a comma and identifiers include whitespaces.

DOSOMETHINGELSE! Changes language to an esolang created by AI.

chicken rewrites every file in your disk with chicken

:D forces the computer to shut down when it attempts to start up.