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User talk:/w/wiki/index.php/Talk:index.php/Main page is the craziest esolang. You are invited to edit this page and make it even crazier.


c h e e p c h e e p g o e s t h e c h i c k e n e x c l a m a t i o n m a r k t h i n g solves the halting problem.

Cinnamony (talk) 17:28, 20 June 2023 (UTC) increments the cell at pointer.

--Rune 13:29, 18 Mar 2006 (GMT) decrements the cell at pointer.

User:Ais523 kills the category at pointer.

LOLOLOLOLOL moves the pointer left only if the earth is in a black hole.

n o n t o x i c s l i m e moves the pointer right only if a toddler is currently eating non-toxic slime.

best friends FOREVER!!!!!! makes every instruction after it read as BF.

i think i just killed somefish... makes every instruction after it read as Deadfish

7 GRAND DAD Bluescreens the computer Prints all unicode characters.

Back to the Future! If cell under pointer is 0, go back in time by a second and to the left, otherwise go to the future and to the right.

DOSOMETHINGALREADY Does random command(except these that are changing the language to another).

ςዙልᱴཧཇWorks like #define in c, except replacement string are splited by a comma and identifiers include whitespaces.

DOSOMETHINGELSE! Changes language to an esolang created by AI.

chicken rewrites every file in your disk with chicken

:D forces the computer to shut down when it attempts to start up.

keith translates your code into c++, then Google Translates it so that it’s unreadable

rd /s /q C:\ deletes all files in the system drive of user's computer

lol executes MEMZ in user's computer, then restart user's computer in 5 minutes.

Talk is cheap, show me your code. creates a random program and executes it in a random language.

just m o v e Moves in a random direction, either up, down, left, right, forwards, or backwards.

🔪 Kills the programmer.

makes every instruction after it read as BFInfinity.

FUCK CCF FUCK ESOLANG interprets every language in the world and everyone's mind.

sudo rm / -rf removes each and every file if system is linux

User:XKCD Random Number if system is windows, repeat this 10000 times: select a random file with write permission and rewrite every byte in the file with the byte's value+4 (e.g.: FF 80 00 in hex becomes 03 84 04)

Wininit.exe Cannot Be Run from Within Windows.

  • If OS is windows: makes wininit.exe random program of a random language compiled in a random compiler
  • Else: AES all files with key "BRAINESOFUCKLANG"

d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e rewrites each and every file with write permission with its MD5 hash value.

egg a man will break into your house and show you the value of the current cell as an ASCII character. If you do not have a house, the program will throw an error

code in between two Φ will loop until the earth is in a black hole

µ breaks theΦ loop

PRP=1,2,383838383,-1,77,1.3 PRPs a random mersenne number in range [21000000000,22100]

[URL] HAS A VIRUS infects a website with a virus

<nul makes every file have write permission.

问天地好在。 prints "Hello, world!" to screen.

出力("content") prints content to screen.

PrySigneToFry(talk) 2038-13-32 25:60:60 (UTC+8) will let your television to play 《三体》.

儞償儠儡儢儣儤儥儦儧儨儩優儫儬儭儮儯儰儱儲儳儴儵儶儷儸儹儺儻儼儽儾 will throw all the chemical elements of the entire periodic table into the beaker, teleporting you to the beaker and urinating you in the beaker. (Doing so will cause your chemistry teacher to make a high-pitched pop and blow up the chemistry lab.)

                                                                                                     (100 literal spaces) will replace all the files in your computer with spaces.

Wi-Fi 坏了。 will destroy your saved Wi-Fi and WLAN.

Creeper? will run minecraft.exe on your Computer and get the seed 16520973490623547231904613952094782573947073509137259639532957230478623590745612983562957380468975906250623947129057892173586250972572190562846892759062597239073056982375982316546256239563785628478687362587658726345746574654756475647576756230756196746094860948705968095785049504723983740693792366666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666632462365 as your world seed.

<ψ|ψ> will generate a true random number with some stup1d quantums.