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Translated ORK is an esolang made by User:None1. It is ORK but horribly translated by Baidu. (however you can add more or choose a another pair of translators for an even more horrible translation!) Note that unlike most languages, ORK programs are very close to human language.

Steps: 1.Take this program (as an example):

There is such a thing as a mouse.
A mouse can be_eaten.
A mouse has a status which is a word.
A mouse has a voice which is a scribe.
A mouse has an input which is an inputter.

When a mouse is to be_eaten:
There is a word called squeaky sound.
input is to readOne squeaky sound.
If input says it's done then status is "eaten".
voice is to write squeaky sound.

There is such a thing as a cat.
A cat can eat a mouse.
A cat has a Lingo which is a linguist

When a cat is to eat a mouse:
The mouse is to be_eaten.
Lingo's first operand is the mouse's status.
Lingo's second operand is "eaten".
Lingo is to compare.
If Lingo says it's not equal then I am to loop.

When this program starts:
There is a cat called Lucifer Sam.
There is a mouse called Gerald.
Gerald's status is "alive".
Lucifer Sam is to eat Gerald.

2. Translate this code as follows (you can take on any translator with any language, if you want):

Baidu: English -> Chinese
Baidu: Chinese -> Japanese
Baidu: Japanese -> French
Baidu: French -> Classical Chinese
Baidu: Classical Chinese -> English

3. Result? Here you go, it's horribly translated with 1 translator using a weird pair of languages:

There are those who look like mice.
Rats are edible.
Mouse will be a word.
The mouse voice transcribes human voice.
The mouse has input.
Attempting to move the mouse:
There is a word that says lya n
Enter as the CEO's voice for broadcasting.
If you have finished losing like this, it is called "eaten".
Don't say anything.
It's a bit like a cat.
Cats can eat mice.
Cats have speakers,
When a cat eats a mouse:
Rats can eat.
The second waste alcohol count is "edible".
Zhang Guo is the best.
If the wax fruits do not match, we will ring them.
Cheng Fachu:
There is a saying that Lucifera is defeated.
There are quite a few rat made ones.
A maker of virtue is a tool for survival.
Lucy's food box.

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