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Translated Batch is an esolang made by Mihai Popa. It's Batch but horribly translated by ModernMT (however you can add more or choose a another pair of translators for an even more horrible translation!)

Steps: 1. Take this program (as a example):

@echo off
REM Creative 8-bit ADPCM Samples submitted by
REM (Jim Leonard).  Contact me for additional details if necessary.

echo All of these files were created by the VEDIT2.EXE program, which requires
echo a very specific revision of Sound Blaster called a Sound Blaster Pro rev 2
echo board.  The version of software provided here is hard-coded to IRQ 2, port
echo 220h, and DMA 1, for those attempting to get it running under emulation. I
echo don't know what Sound Blaster Pro DSP revision it's looking for, so you'll
echo have to patch the program or emulator to bypass that check.
echo .
echo The samples provided have a rate of 11025Hz, because the Sound Blaster
echo series of cards' DSPs were only fast enough to play back compressed
echo samples at a rate of 12KHz, no more.  (You can create 22KHz compressed
echo samples but they will play back at 12KHz.)  Of particular note are the
echo TAXI????.VOC samples, as the original 8-bit unsigned PCM trails off into
echo pure silence (value #127), and this can be visually matched to the ADPCM
echo samples as well.
echo .
echo To my knowledge, the 8-bit scheme has never been reverse-engineered as
echo Creative never provided specs for it in their SDK.  ADPCM samples can be
echo played back in hardware by the DSP without any CPU usage, but creating
echo them is only possible by recording directly to the format, or "packing"
echo them with VEDIT2.  If anyone reverse-engineers the scheme, PLEASE let me
echo know as I have always wondered how this one works. Creative's early drive
echo for their cards was always human speech and not digitized music; as a
echo result, the 3-bit and 2-bit schemes are only usuable for human speech.


echo Playing Taxiride sample, 8-bit unsigned PCM (uncompressed)
echo Playing Taxiride sample, 4-bit ("2:1") compressed
echo Playing Taxiride sample, 3-bit ("3:1") compressed
echo Playing Taxiride sample, 2-bit ("4:1") compressed

echo Playing BBC sample, 8-bit unsigned PCM (uncompressed)
vplay BBC_8BIT.VOC
echo Playing BBC sample, 4-bit ("2:1") compressed
vplay BBC_4BIT.VOC
echo Playing BBC sample, 3-bit ("3:1") compressed
vplay BBC_3BIT.VOC
echo Playing BBC sample, 2-bit ("4:1") compressed
vplay BBC_2BIT.VOC

2. Translate this code as follows (you can take on any translator with any language, if you want):

ModernMT: English -> Zulu
ModernMT: Yoruba -> English
ModernMT: English -> Yoruba
ModernMT: Zulu -> English
ModernMT: English -> Zulu
ModernMT: Yoruba -> English

3. Result? Here you go, it's horribly translated with 1 translator using a weird pair of languages:

@echo off
Amasampula e-REM Creative 8-bit ADPCM
Let me tell you about Jim Leonard. It does not stop the flow of water from flowing into the air.

i want to be a member of AVEDIT2.Exe.
the Sounds Blaster Pro 2.
you use IQ2, IQ2, IQ2, IQ2, IQ2, IQ2, IQ2.
e220, e2, e2, e2, e2, e2, e2,e2, e2. 
I used to use an i-Sound Blaster Pro DSP.
the emulsifier is an emulsifier.
echo .
Echo spark anchor anchoring sensor-11025Hz, adjustable Sound Blaster
the SD card is encrypted and the SD card is encrypted and the SD card is encrypted from the palm.
it is 12kHz.
Do you want to get rid of U12?
Would you like to expand e-Rhode Island??? .VOC, web server PCM 8 is installed.
it is also known as #127.

"In the days of old there will be a great famine, and in the years of old there will be great famine."

i'm looking forward to getting a little bit of it.  If you
have a DHCP-enabled DHCP, you can use a DHCP-enabled device.
he sighed at the door and said, "Shut up."
helmet to VEDIT2.Click to expand...
if you want to live in peace, live in peace with others. What do you think?
There is an animal, an animal, an animal, an animal, and a human being?
i-ISA 3-bit, 2-bit, and 3-bit simulator.

i-Echo Playing

Taxiride, Y-PCM engine-8-bit (update)
Isampula le-Echo Playing Taxiride, 4-bit (“2:1”)
isampula le-vplay
taxi4BIT.VOC Echo Playing Taxiride, 3-bit (“3:1”)
ipula le-vplay
taxi3BIT.VOC Echo Playing Taxiride, 2-bit (“4:1”)
i-vplay taxi2BIT.VOC

bbc, i-8-bit pcm (immobilized)
vplay BBC_8BIT.VOC
yinifizu le-bBC, i-4-bit (“2:1”)
vplay BBC_4BIT.VOC
how to use bbc, 3-bit (“3:1”)
vplay BBC_3BIT.VOC
in the case of i-tousei2-bit ("4:1")
vplay BBC_2BIT.VOC

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