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Translated VBS is a esolang made by Mihai Popa. It's VBS but horribly translated by Baidu+Google Translate+Yandex+Papago+Microsoft (however you can add more or choose a another pair of translators for an even more horrible translation!)

Steps: 1. Take this program (as a example):

' This is a simple VBScript example
' It displays a message box with a greeting

Dim message
message = "Hello, this is a VBScript example!"

' Display a message box
MsgBox message, vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "VBScript Example"

2. Translate this code as follows (you can take on any translator with any language, if you want):

Baidu: English->Arabic
Google Translate: Arabic->Turkish
Yandex: Turkish->Indonesian
Papago: Indonesian->Thai
Microsoft: Thai->Amharic
Google Translate: Amharic->English

3. Result? Here you go, it's horribly translated with 5 translators using a weird pair of languages:

Here is an example of a simple text.
Show mailboxes
See news
Message = Hello Here is a sample VB script!
Show mailbox
VB info message box + "Yes, VBScript" text

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