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HQ9+ is a joke language with four instructions:

Although the language is not of serious interest by itself, it can be useful to implement HQ9+ in a new esoteric programming language, since doing so proves that all the tasks above, except the quine, are possible. HQ9+ was created in 2001 by Cliff L. Biffle.

See also

  • HQ9++, an object-oriented extension of HQ9+.
  • CHIQRSX9+, another HQ9+ extension supposedly Turing complete.
  • HQ9+B, an ℒ-complete extension of HQ9+.
  • HQ9+2D, a 2-D extension of HQ9+.
  • H9+, with one fewer instruction but still capable of all of the tasks.
  • FISHQ9+, HQ9+ and deadfish combined.
  • HI9+, which replaces Q with an instruction that prints the interpreter's source code.
  • +, where there is only +, and other characters are ignored.
  • Hq9eFuck, HQ9+, brainfuck and Deep Thought combined.

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