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Hq9eFuck (pronounced as "HugeFuck"), or also H9F, is a joke esoteric programming language (it's overview below is even a joke) written by Egor Promyshlennikov in 2016. Due to Hq9eFuck is a Brainfuck derivative, it is Turing-complete which makes it possible to write programs in.

Language overview

Hq9eFuck is a new powerful modern language. All those mainstream useless-stuff-oriented languages are gonna die now, because Hq9eFuck provides Brainfuck's flexability and HQ9+'s effectiveness as well as an incredible simplicity and has even the latest version of a new fast Deep Thought computer API. Thus now you are able to get your thought fucked as deep as never before.

Feature overview

  1. All Brainfuck instructions.
  2. All HQ9+ instructions.
  3. Deep Thought API to answer the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
  4. Brainfuck uses 16-bit architecture and has only 30000 bytes of memory. H9F uses the newest 32-bit architecture, so it has TWICE MORE memory - 60000 bytes.

Syntax overview

Same as Brainfuck's syntax. For example, this program prints "Hello, World!" 16 times:


Brainfuck instructions

Hq9eFuck provides all Brainfuck instructions:

  • < Decrements pointer (moves left)
  • > Increments pointer (moves right)
  • + Increments value at pointer
  • - Decrements value at pointer
  • [ Starts a new loop
  • ] If value at pointer is 0 moves to the next instructuion, else moves to the beginning of loop
  • , Reads an ASCII character from standart input, writes to current cell
  • . Writes an ASCII character to standart output from current cell

HQ9+ instructions

  • H Prints Hello, World!
  • Q Prints the programs's source - quine
  • 9 Prints the 99 bottles of beer song
  • + Was replaced by Brainfuck's similar instruction, but actually also increments the accumulator (value at pointer)

Deep Thought API extension

  • DT Computes and prints an answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.


Hq9eFuck interpreter source, C

If you make your own interpreter, feel free to leave links here.

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