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Hey. While there's a lot of jokes (and material almost indistinguishable from jokes) on the wiki, the wiki itself isn't a joke. I've rolled back a few of your recent edits: specifically, the two instances of adding a lot of "w"s and breaking the pages as a side effect (on Furcode and Csub), and set a short edit block to make sure I have time to add this note. I've also deleted "Categowy: Joke wanguages" because categories are really part of wiki infrastructure; if you want to link to in a whimsical manner, just use a link with a custom text. Finally, I've deleted "SHUSH, KAREN." for general lack of a point. I'd also recommend keeping this talk page where it is, since MediaWiki generates so many links to it automatically, but if you really want to call it "uwu" (via a redirect), feel free to. --fizzie (talk) 23:33, 12 October 2020 (UTC)