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Rubyで作る奇妙なプログラミング言語 ~ヘンな言語のつくりかた~ ("Making Esoteric Programming Languages in Ruby ~How to Make Weird Languages~") is a Japanese book about esoteric programming languages written by Yutaka Hara. It uses Ruby as an implementation language. The book covers concepts like Turing machines, Turing completeness and virtual machines, as well as the languages (chronologically) HQ9+, brainfuck, Whitespace, Starry, Bolic, Befunge, Wierd, Shakespeare, Chef, Unlambda, Grass, False, NULL, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!, INTERCAL, Malbolge, KEMURI and Taxi.

The book was originally published in December 2008, but went out of print. It was due to be reprinted in dead tree and PDF formats on January 7 2014.


  • First edition: 2008-12-20, Dead tree, ISBN 978-4-8399-2784-4
  • Second edition: 2014-01-07, Dead tree & PDF, ISBN 978-4-8399-4953-2, Mynavi

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