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Townsburg road map

Taxi is an esoteric programming language invented by Sean Heber in 2005. Programs are built by giving directions to destinations on a map which is where computation takes place. The virtual taxi the programmer controls can carry up to three data passengers at one time between destinations. The passengers pay the driver for this service and in turn the programmer must be sure to stop by a gas station from time to time or else the car will run out of fuel prematurely ending the program.

Understanding Taxi requires having access to the Townsburg road map which lists the roads and destinations available to the programmer.

Hello, world! in Taxi[edit]

"Hello, World!" is waiting at the Writer's Depot. 
Go to Writer's Depot: west 1st left, 2nd right, 1st left, 2nd left. 
Pickup a passenger going to the Post Office. 
Go to the Post Office: north 1st right, 2nd right, 1st left. 
Go to the Taxi Garage: north 1st right, 1st left, 1st right.

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