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As described on the community portal page, the Esolangs wiki community has registered the about/esolangs/* IRC cloak namespace on the Libera.Chat IRC network. If you're not familiar with the concept, a cloak is an optional feature to replace the @hostname part of your IRC identity (nickname!username@hostname) with something else. On Libera.Chat, anyone can claim a @user/foo cloak matching your network account, but registered projects can have cloaks of other forms for people who want to showcase a project they're (primarily) affiliated with, at least in the context of their IRC presence.

Note: We haven't quite decided yet whether a page like this is the way to manage cloaks, or what the policy should be. Discuss at Esolang talk:Community_portal#Libera.Chat_community_and_cloaks. For now this page is just an example of how it could work.

If you are interested in an Esolangs cloak, make a copy of the "example" record at the bottom of the table, and substitute in your wiki user name, Libera.Chat account name and desired cloak in the requests section of this page. Keep the "example" record at the bottom of the table for others. Your cloak should match either your Libera.Chat account or your wiki user name, possibly with some minor typographical differences since not all characters are valid in a cloak. There may be other requirements; if so, they will be documented here.

At some unspecified time in the future, one of the community contacts will move the whole lot to the pending section, and ask the network staff to enable them. Finally, once the request has been handled, they will be moved to the active section.


Wiki user IRC account Cloak
User:Fizzie fizzie about/esolangs/fizzie
Fungot fungot about/esolangs/bot/fungot
User:Example example about/esolangs/example
User:Taneb Taneb about/esolangs/taneb


Nothing at the moment; we're still talking about the whole thing.


None so far; it's a new thing.