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<oklopol> you make the awesomest palindromes, you don't need sex and you don't need sleep. you are a fucking superhuman :|

<oklopol> oh and you can transform into an elf

User:Oklopol (note: only one of these is true)

<Sourceless> Taneb is made of magic and probably rubber bands

Someone who to my knowledge is not an esolanger.

Provides an alternative male perspective.

School report, March 2012

Some guy.

I made the following languages:

I got into esoteric languages thanks to David Morgan-Mar, and Piet is still my favourite esolang.

I made a 99 Bottle of Beer program in Zombie.

I made numerous programs on the Truth-machine page, such as BIT, FALSE, MarioLANG, Numeric Topline, and Piet.

I could do with some help making the following esolangs:

Feel free to contribute to either!

Visit my webpage!