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Fungot is an IRC bot written in Funge-98 by User:fizzie.

Fungot is more or less the mascot of Libera.Chat's #esolangs channel. While not the only bot on the channel by far, it is the most advanced and only regularly present one which has been written in an esolang.

Fungot supports brainfuck and Underload interpretation, with the possibility to define commands using these. (Although fizzie needs to save fungot's state for such additions to become permanent.)

Fungot also responds to mentions of its name (lowercase) with Markov chain-generated answers in several selectable styles.

Fungot commands are invoked with the caret (^) prefix.

  • ^help lists all built-in commands; ^show lists all commands, including user-defined ones.
  • ^bf runs a brainfuck program, ^ul runs an Underload program.
  • ^def lets you define a user-defined command in brainfuck or Underload, str lets you define commands whose source is longer than an IRC line.
  • ^style chooses a Markov model for random Markov chain responses, or lists the available models. Creating such models is now a lost art.

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