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Hi, I'm MD XF. I'm a C programmer, I enjoy code golfing, and I write esoteric languages.

My languages:

  • Decimal was my first attempt at a stack-based esolang. It's not all that great. Decimal
  • Memescript is (will be) a collection of programming languages based on memes.
  • shortC is a language that transpiles to C. It's C, but shorter.
  • rk is a non-esoteric programming language with a syntax meant to be compatible with dyslexia.
  • What is a trivial Brainf**k derivative.
  • Hello World is a stupid language for printing "Hello, World!"
  • Triangular is a two-dimensional stack-based esoteric programming language, where the playing field is arranged in the shape of a triangle. Triangular
  • Cubically is an intensely, painfully complex programming language based on a Rubik's Cube. Cubically

I have also written the shortest C quine.