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User:Cinnamony is an esolang-obsessed bilingual music-lover. His preferred pronouns are he/him, but he literally allows people to use any true-neuter/boy-neuter/true-inanimate/boy-inanimate/boy/masculine pronouns to refer to him. This is quite strange.


  • Daydreaming
  • Making esolanguages
  • Doing popits
  • Emoticons

Opinion on bad words

i dont know why they invented them. its almost like they WANT people to be bad D:

As you can see, User:Cinnamony does not like the invention of bad words.

Languages he knows how to speak


none of your business

It seems that he does not want to reveal his age.

He has requested that we add this quote on his article page:


It appears that he has removed this quote.

that quote made no grammatical sense

And he was quite right.


life is like 1 big choose your own adventure

The Choose your Own Adventure book series is a book series that you go to certain pages depending on choices you make and get various endings. It is possible that he thinks that people control the world by making certain choices.

is it me or is it thundering

It appears that User:Cinnamony had thought it was thundering, but asked if it was just him for some clarification.

a drop of water is just a super downgraded magnifying glass

A drop of water is kind of transparent. A magnifying glass shows things on the other side.

wait, what just happened to my computer?

We actually have the context for this one:

i was writing something and suddenly my computer blacked out and went back to the lock screen i had to retype my pin :(

He may have a computer virus, or even worse!

aww man part of me thought i was still playing

The context for this quote is highly inappropriate. A ten-year old boy on a wiki shouldn't expose himself to the genre of make-me-blush.

Sense of humor

This is the worst way he expresses himself, but at least he gets to express himself that way. From horrible fruit punch puns, to poking fun at categories, he manages to make something on the edge of kid-friendliness.