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Please try mine too

Hello, could you please try my bf interpreter and bf-to-rust transpiler?

Thanks! --Pro465 (talk) 15:18, 5 September 2023 (UTC)

Ok, I'll try it later. --None1 (talk) 13:36, 6 September 2023 (UTC)

I've tested your interpreter and it takes about 3 secs to run. I modified your interpreter so that works under Windows. Unfortunately, I can't test your compiler because I can't modify it so that it works under Windows probably because I'm not good enough at Rust, please modify it your self so that I can run it correctly on my computer. --None1 (talk) 14:44, 6 September 2023 (UTC)

thanks and sorry! I fixed it now and tested it under W11, so could you please try again?

(I'll fix the interpreter too -- it probably could also be a lot faster now that I'm more experienced in rust). btw you are running cargo b --release, right? --Pro465 (talk) 17:31, 6 September 2023 (UTC)

I've tested compiler, it took about 0.8 seconds. (Note: Unlike what you expected, I run rustc --None1 (talk) 09:26, 7 September 2023 (UTC)


> Unlike what you expected, I run rustc

I don't think that's fair unless you are using debug builds on other langs too. If you wanna use rustc in release mode, try rustc -C opt-level=3, it would be a lot faster. --Pro465 (talk) 12:09, 7 September 2023 (UTC)

I retested, now that the interpreter takes 0.2 secs to run and the compiler takes 0.6 secs. --None1 (talk) 12:52, 7 September 2023 (UTC)

what about the other projects? all of them probably could be faster by enabling optimizations (unfortunately I am not experienced enough in them to tell you how to add optimizations) --Pro465 (talk) 13:32, 7 September 2023 (UTC)
Other projects are all either already optimized or doesn't support optimizing, I'm not sure about brainfuck-rs though, I downloaded it through its Windows distribution. --None1 (talk) 13:56, 7 September 2023 (UTC)
OK, thanks and have a great day/night --Pro465 (talk) 14:29, 7 September 2023 (UTC)