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Creator and Name

TPLTSSPP is a joke language created by the User:Esolang1. The name is the initials of The Programming Language To Solve Simple Programming Problems. As the name points out, this language only has instructions for simple programs, such as FizzBuzz. (E1-0002)


    helloworld()      prints out "Hello, World!"
    bottlesofbeer()   prints out the lyric of 99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall
    add(a, b)         prints out the value of a + b
    sum(a)            prints out the sum of all natural numbers up to a
    sort(a)           prints out the sorted list of elements of a (a has to be a list)
    randreal()        prints out a random real number between 0 and 1
    randnum(a, b)     pinrts out a random integer between a and b
    fibonacci(a)      prints out the first a fibonacci numbers (a has to be a natural number or 0)
    factorial(a)      prints out a! (a has to be a natural number or 0)
    fizzbuzz(a)       prints out the first a FizzBuzz sequence (a has to be a natural number or 0)
    palindrome(a)     prints out "true" if a is a palindrome (a has to be a string)
    checkprime(a)     prints out "true" if a is prime, else "false"
    factor(a)         prints out the prime factorization of a (a has to be a natural number)


The basic Python I/O functions works, with no difference.

Memory Structure and Code Structure

TPLTSSPP uses a Python-like code structure. Basically, the language is Python, with new built-in functions.


Hello World! Program


99 bottles of beer program


Interpreters or Compilers

Unfortunately, there are no interpreters built for this language now.