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Not to be confused with None.
Paradigm(s) imperative
Designed by Jaip
Appeared in 2023
Computational class Total
Major implementations Original
Dialects ?
Influenced by Brainf*ck
File extension(s) .none, .non

NONE is an esoteric programming language created in 2023. It can output letters, numbers and special characters and is inspired on other esoteric languages like Brainf*ck.


NONE works with 14 allowed characters: + - c p n s m ( ) _ ^ v x t

The syntax of NONE works with an index that is set to zero at the beginning. It can be increased or decreased:

NONE Description
++ Increases the index by 1
-- Decreases the index by 1
+v Increases the index by 5
-v Decreases the index by 5
+x Increases the index by 10
-x Decreases the index by 10
+t Increases the index by 20
-t Decreases the index by 20

v stands for 5, x for 10 and t for 20.


The letter that has the current value of the index as a position in the alphabet can be output with Print (p). So if the index is 1, the letter will be "a" or if the index is 26, the letter will be "z".


With Clear (c), the index can be reset to 0


Whitespaces can be made with _

Capitalized letters

Letters can be capitalized by putting ^ before Print (p)


Numbers can be written by writing n() and putting a number as a NONE index between the parentheses. +x and +t are not allowed. It will be output immediately even without print

Special characters

Special characters can be written in the same way as numbers, only s() must be written instead of n()

NONE character
s(++--) _
s(++) .
s(++++) !
s(++++++) ?
s(+v--) ,
s(+v) :
s(+v++) (
s(+v++++) )
s(+v++++++) @
s(+v++++++++) #

Mathematical characters

Mathematical characters can be written in the same way as numbers and special characters, but with m()

NONE character
m(++--) $
m(++) +
m(++++) -
m(++++++) *
m(+v--) /
m(+v) =
m(+v++) %
m(+v++++) ^
m(+v++++++) <
m(+v++++++++) >


A few examples written in NONE

Hello World!

A Hello World program in NONE:



„NONE“ in NONE code: