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Not to be confused with NONE.
The title of this article is not correct because of technical limitations. The correct title is actually '''.

is an esoteric programming language. does not even exist and compilers for cannot be created. Thus, is the easiest to learn and simplest language ever made. will always return the correct answer to its input, which in the case of a program must be.

Example programs in

Below is an example program, which prints whatever you want to think.

History and Legacy of

was the first ever programming language. It was accidentally created by [NAMELESS_CAVEMAN_000000003488245A] when they existed, causing the entire universe to become a compiler for. has since become a very famous programming language, and was mentioned in such works as the Bible and the Iliad. Several attempts at creating compilers have been made, but none of them worked. One notable attempt to compile was a failed lightbulb prototype made by Thomas Edison, which sadly outputted False instead of.