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I implemented LNUSP, Gibberish, Minimal-2D, REVERSE, Word!CPU, Pointy, ZOMBIE, 96, LOCK, Unreadable, Nhohnhehr and Fuckfuck.

I had a website, but I don't have the resources to keep a dedicated server running. I'm going to upload esolang stuff here.

The interpreters I wrote:

  1. ZOMBIE interpreter: User:Marinus/ZOMBIE_interpreter
  2. Gibberish interpreter: User:Marinus/Gibberish_interpreter
  3. Pointy interpreter: User:Marinus/Pointy_interpreter
  4. Word!CPU interpreter: User:Marinus/Word!CPU_interpreter
  5. REVERSE interpreter: User:Marinus/REVERSE_interpreter
  6. 96 interpreter: User:Marinus/96_interpreter
  7. LOCK interpreter: User:Marinus/LOCK_interpreter
  8. Fuckfuck interpreter: User:Marinus/FeckFeck_Interpreter
  9. Minimal-2D interpreter: User:Marinus/Minimal-2D_interpreter
  10. Unreadable interpreter: User:Marinus/Unreadable_Interpreter
  11. Nhohnhehr interpreter: User:Marinus/Nhohnhehr_interpreter
  12. LNUSP interpreter: User:Marinus/LNUSP_interpreter
  13. Pirandello interpreter: User:Marinus/Pirandello_interpreter
  14. Oozlybub and Murphy interpreter: User:Marinus/Oozlybub_and_Murphy_interpreter

I have also written Brainfuck implementations in various esolangs, those are here.