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Fuckfuck (also known as f*ckf*ck), is a brainfuck variant, using profanity (optionally censored with asterisks, or any other characters if you wish) instead of brainfuck's one-character commands. The commands are case and white space insensitive. Also, C-style comments /* */ may be used. By appending an exclamation mark ('!') a command can be repeated, without the need to write the word again.

Fuckfuck command Brainfuck command
fuck >
shag <
boob +
tits -
cock .
knob ,
arse [
butt ]

Please remember that, only the first and last letter of the word has to be correct, the second and third letter can be anything and it will still work. For example, you do not have to write "fuck" you could write "fork" or "fkfk" or "fpok" or "fsck" or "fcuk" instead if you want to, but "fine" or "f***" is no good.

Hello World

This is a very sanitised version of hello world.

barb!!!!!!!!! able folk barb!!!!!! folk barb!!!!!!!!! folk
barb!! folk barb sing!!! teas bait folk barb! cask folk barb cask
barb!!!!!! cask! barb!! cask folk barb! cask sing! barb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cask folk cask barb!! cask teas!!!!! cask teas!!!!!!! cask folk barb
cask folk cask

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