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What says the memory in fuckfuck is infinite? Only mention about the memory I can find is "A f*ckf*ck program has an implicit byte pointer, called "the f'ing pointer", which is free to move around within an array of 1048576 bytes (1MB), initially all set to zero. The f'ing pointer itself is initialized to point to the beginning of this array." from the official specs/site that seems to state the array is 1 MB. What makes this "an arbitrary implementation restriction"? I think this brainfuck variation is defined to be not Turing-complete. --Keymaker 00:44, 14 Oct 2006 (UTC)

Well, just because the language designer in his description couldn't keep straight the distinction between implementation considerations and the fundamental guiding concepts of the language, doesn't mean that we should follow. We should aspire to describe esoteric programming languages as pure, Platonic ideals, unsullied by mere mortal ... oh, wait. This is fuckfuck we are talking about. --Ørjan 19:59, 14 Oct 2006 (UTC)