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b_jonas has created the esoteric languages Amycus, Amycus Severus, and Hyperamycus by a single mistake. He has created Olvasható and buubot's compose syntax willingly. He has also created scan and geo, but apologizes for them with the excuse that he was really young back then.

Incomplete list of some interesting or notable esolangs

Games that the esolangs community plays

  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Pokémon TCG
  • Euclid (Euclidean compass and straightedge constructions)
  • Kittens game
  • Tres Undos (sokoban-like puzzle game)
  • So Broken (sokoban-like puzzle game)
  • PortalSnake (short puzzle game)
  • N Step Steve (puzzle game)
  • Redactle (alt) (find an en.Wikipedia article chosen randomly from the top 10_000 most important ones by revealing where your guess of a word occurs in it)