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Unnecessarily Large HQ9+, or (#=^TLSeVEAvUFqCcIXjZyK&DdµraiO123478NBHghQ9w+-~*!?<`%>π$) is an extension of HQ9+ with too many commands for an example-only programming language, Or in other words, OVER FIFTY OF THEM!!!!!!!! I'm not going to take any longer to introduce them so read the below:

Oh wow! A lot of commands
Command Function Origin
H Print "Hello World!" HQ9+
Q Print the program's source code
9 Print 99 bottles of beer
+ Add one to the accumulator
- Subtract one to the accumulator FHQ9+-
F FizzBuzz Up to the value of accumulator
µ Print "hello wordl" New
C Cat program CHIQRSX9+
I Interpret Input as Unnecessarily Large HQ9+ Code.
X Make Language Turing-complete
1 Encrypt input as ROT13.
4 Encrypt input as ROT47. New
( Encrypt input as ROT9. (Only does this to numbers)
e Return an error Hexlr7
E Print this page's URL
A Print the name of the programming language the interpreter was written in.
7 Do Next command 7 times, 77 does 49 times, 3 7s or more acts like 1.
N Print the name of the interpreter New
* Double Accumulator
h Solves the halting problem
B Interpret input as a Brainfuck Program HQ9+B
S Square Accumulator FISHQ9+
O Output Accumulator
K Terminate
Z Set Accumulator to zero New
! Add another accumulator to the right of the old
< Go left on tape
> Go right on tape
r Reset the entire tape.
c Output the accumulator as character Deadfish~
? Add a random integer in the range [-10,10] to the accumulator New
T Truth Machine
D Deletes the program after it finishes or is terminated
d Deletes the interpreter after it finishes or is terminated
~ Multiply accumulator by -1
L Flashes the screen a random color for 1ms
) Interprets the code from a random Esolang
V Log10 of the current accumulator
v Natural Log of current accumulator
g Print Interpreter's source code HI9+
a Print the lyrics to "Ascending N Bottles of Beer" (starts with 0 bottles and more bottles are added to the wall)
i Set Accumulator value to Infinity
2 Imports all commands from HQ9+2D, but removes the old functionality of < and > Technically HQ9+2D
3 Adds the 3rd dimension but requires you already typed a 2. New, but requires 2 already typed to work
y Moves forwards in 3rd dimension New, but requires 3 already typed to work
8 Moves backwards in 3rd dimension
% Gets Parity of accumulator (zero if even, one if odd) New
t Change the instruction set to a Turing-complete superset HQ9+T
R Square root of accumulator New
& Import all ++Brainfuck Commands New, but technically from ++Brainfuck
# Print size of the program New
= Print size of interpreter (in lines)
` Buffer (do nothing command)
^ Buffer that waits one second
j Multiply the accumulator by the square root of -1.
U Prints the TRUE value of 1/0
$ Make a red pixel at a random pixel on your screen Kind of from Arrow
π Outputs pi to the amount of decimal points as the value of accumulator New
w Prints "World!" H🌍