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Setlang is an esolang created by User:None1, inspired by the representation of Python data structures, it is very simple.


Command What it does
{} Ask a character from user input and return.
{a,b,c,...} Concatenate the strings (chars are strings, too), together and return.
[CODE] Run the CODE forever.
(string) Output the string.
Output "Nope." (without quotes).

Example Programs

Hello World

("Hello World!")

Cat Program


Nope. interpreter


The following program queries the user for a single character from their name and prints a greeting message embedding this piece of information. The example also demonstrates a character without quotation marks, as an alternative to a string, in the context of concatenation.

({"Hello,",{},!," How are you?"})

XKCD Random Number



  • Common Lisp implementation of the Setlang programming language.