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Windows 1.0 is a version of Brainfuck made by Mihai Popa but based on names of programs from Windows 1.0. Commands are 1 per line only.


Command Brainfuck equivalent Description
Paint > Move the pointer to the right
Notepad < Move the pointer to the left
Terminal + Increment the memory cell at the pointer
Clock - Decrement the memory cell at the pointer
Write . Output the character signified by the cell at the pointer
Calendar , Input a character and store it in the cell at the pointer
Calculator [ Jump past the matching Reversi if the cell at the pointer is 0
Reversi ] Jump back to the matching Calculator if the cell at the pointer is nonzero

Everything other than these above is a comment and it's ignored. But if you comment with these, it's executed as a command and it's a error.


Hello, World!

Quite long, but I can show here (compressed with WinRAR as ZIP and encoded in Base64)...


Here's the KZIP version:


Rickrolling, by printing all the lyrics of "Never Gonna Give You Up"

TOO long. See here: Windows 1.0/Rickroll

99 Bottles Of Beer

Too long. See here: Windows 1.0/99 Bottles Of Beer

Computational class

Windows 1.0 is turing-complete because Brainfuck, Numberfuck, Hanzifuck and Mariofuck are also turing-complete!