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WII2D is a 2D esolang created by Cortex. Its name stands for "Why Is It 2D?" It was clearly inspired by Befunge. It is probably even harder to interpret than Befunge. If it goes over the top, under the bottom, et cetera of the grid, wrap around.


Character What it does
^v<> Move north, south, west, or east.
| Reverse the direction of the pointer.
@ Move the pointer to the position above the closest other @ command.
0123456789 Set the accumulator to the digit used.
+-*^/ Increment, decrement, double, square, or half the accumulator
~ Print the accumulator as an ASCII character.
? Move in a random direction.
. End the program.
1! Mark where to position the pointer at at the start of the program. (start at the position above the position of the ! command) When the program starts, the pointer is moving northward.
# Nop.


Hello, World!