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Designed by PoptartPlungerBoi
Appeared in 2024
Computational class Turing complete
Reference implementation Unimplemented
File extension(s) .midi, .mid
Not to be confused with the Venetian language.

VenetianScript or VS for short, is a music-based esolang created by PoptartPlungerBoi in 2024. The esolang uses MIDI drums as code.


In 2024, PoptartPlungerBoi thought of a musical esolang but using drums as code. This was made after the esolang also made by PoptartPlungerBoi as another non-textual esolang.


The esolang's name is a combination of both JavaScript and Canadian breakcore musician Aaron Funk, also known by his stage name, Venetian Snares.


VS Description
Kick, Kick, Snare Start script
1 Ride Print
2 Ride Input
3 Ride If
4 Ride Compute*
Crash Store variable
High Tom More than
Middle Tom Equal
Low Tom Less than
Ride, Drum Stick, Quarter rest, *string*, Quarter rest, *string*, Low Tom Repeat for
Any rest Seperate code
Kick 0 in binary
Snare 1 in binary
Hi-Hat Linefeed
Kick, Ride, Snare, Snare Stop this part of script (do NOT use to end script, should be used for 3 Ride/Hi-Hat as an example)
Kick, Ride, Snare End Script
The Amen break Destroys your speakers

To make a program, any MIDI editor can be used. The MIDI file should have the BPM of 135. ('s Composer web app is good for making MIDI files as code.) Any Unicode character (in binary) can be used in the code.

*Since any Unicode character can be used, it includes math symbols simple and complex. Thus making VenetianScript technically Turing-complete.


Hello, World!



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