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On the January 19, 2020, I had the great idea of making an alphapolyglot that prints the name of its programming language.
I decided to pick the first programming language that:

  • Was present on
  • Has an instruction list on
  • Easy to code in
  • Used instructions that I didn't have to paste in (because I hate a-gram)
  • Is two-dimensional, to not get disoriented
  • Is a variant of another esolang
  • Not like chef

The Esolangs


And the first esolang was AlphaBeta, which uses all letters of the alphabet. Shoot.


To add insult to injury, it doesn't have an end program command.
First programming language, we already have a disaster. I wish I'd picked a-gram instead.
But then, the next one comes to save the day.


Backhand comes in. Why is this good?

  • It doesn't execute the instructions one by one, meaning we have more space!
  • Has an end program command, meaning we have even more space!
  • Has a sequence of commands that can act as an NOP, meaning we can make EVEN MORE SPACE!

Some commands make something happen in AlphaBeta that messes with its code, but we can deal with that no problem. Just cancel 'em out!

6a b  *  o  8  cd *  ]  :  o  9a b  *  o  9  cd *  [  o  8c d  *  o  o  a  b  *  o  ab ab *  o  @eddddaaaaaCLkihhDLggggDLjggDLjgggDLaCLggggDLigggggDLjjgDL

The trouble with C doesn't have that much C esolangs, and the ones I did find just were confusing.
Except for Charcoal, where I simply appended clear canvas and "Charcoal" at the end of the program.

6a b  *  o  8  cd *  ]  :  o  9a b  *  o  9  cd *  [  o  8c d  *  o  o  a  b  *  o  ab ab *  o  @eddddaaaaaCLkihhDLggggDLjggDLjgggDLaCLggggDLigggggDLjjgDL⎚Charcoal

It technically broke one of my rules, but hey, if it works, it works.


It was time to sleep at 10 PM, and on January 20, 2020 (heh 20's), I started further work on Deadfish~. I had gone as far as to print "De".

]ij[ij]si[ji]ji[ji]js[ij]ij[ij]ij[cd]{i[j}]{i[j}]{i[j}]ij[ij]ij[ij]cd[gh6a b  *  o  8  cd *  ]  :  o  9a b  *  o  9  cd *  [  o  8c d  *  o  o  a  b  *  o  ab ab *  o  @eddddaaaaaCLkihhDLggggDLjggDLjgggDLaCLggggDLigggggDLjjgDL⎚Charcoal

But he encountered a slight problem.


After he made e, he needed to go down to a, so he needed to decrement.
In Deadfish~, you need to use d to decrement. d in AlphaBeta is canceled out with c. c outputs the accumulator as a character.
Yeah, you see the problem here?
Luckily, this problem could be solved by using c after halting. But he needed to keep track of how many d's there were.

And thus he continued, making "Dead".

]ij[ij]si[ji]ji[ji]js[ij]ij[ij]ij[cd]{i[j}]{i[j}]{i[j}]ij[ij]ij[ij]cd[dd]dc[ij]ij[ij]cd[gh6acbc *  o  8  cd *  ]  :  o  9a b  *  o  9  cd *  [  o  8c d  *  o  o  a  b  *  o  ab ab *  o  @eddddaaaaaCLkihhDLggggDLjggDLjgggDLaCLggggDLigggggDLjjgDL⎚Charcoal

I picked up the project again on Feburary 16, 2020, and completed it.

]ij[ij]si[ji]ji[ji]js[ij]ij[ij]ij[cd]{i[j}]{i[j}]{i[j}]ij[ij]ij[ij]cd[dd]dc[ij]ij[ij]cd[ij]ij[ij]cd[ij]ij[ij]ij[cd]{i[j}]ij[cd]{d[}c]{i[j}]{i[j}]ij[ij]cd[gh6acbc *  o  8  cd *  ]  :  o  9a b  *  o  9  cd *  [  o  8c d  *  o  o  a  b  *  o  ab ab *  o  @eddddaaaaaCLkihhDLggggDLjggDLjgggDLaCLggggDLigggggDLjjgDL⎚Charcoal


Nothing special to say about Emmental, not even an interference with AlphaBeta! Wait, that was something to say.

]ij[ij]si[ji]ji[ji]js[ij]ij[ij]ij[cd]{i[j}]{i[j}]{i[j}]ij[ij]ij[ij]cd[dd]dc[ij]ij[ij]cd[ij]ij[ij]cd[ij]ij[ij]ij[cd]{i[j}]ij[cd]{d[}c]{i[j}]{i[j}]ij[ij]cd[gh]#6[9.]#1[09]::[:.].#[8-].#[1+]:.[#1]16[.#]97[.#]2-[. 6acbc *  o  8  cd *  ]  :  o  9a b  *  o  9  cd *  [  o  8c d  *  o  o  a  b  *  o  ab ab *  o  @eddddaaaaaCLkihhDLggggDLjggDLjgggDLaCLggggDLigggggDLjjgDL⎚Charcoal


I picked this project up after 3 months. I looked around, and found Foo.

]ij[ij]si[ji]ji[ji]js[ij]ij[ij]ij[cd]{i[j}]{i[j}]{i[j}]ij[ij]ij[ij]cd[dd]dc[ij]ij[ij]cd[ij]ij[ij]cd[ij]ij[ij]ij[cd]{i[j}]ij[cd]{d[}c]{i[j}]{i[j}]ij[ij]cd[gh]&7[*9]+7[$c]&6[*6]+1[*3]$c[$c](1[)d#6[9.]#1[09]::[:.].#[8-].#[1+]:.[#1]16[.#]97[.#]2-[.d6acbcd*  o  8  cd *  ]  :  o  9a b  *  o  9  cd *  [  o  8c d  *  o  o  a  b  *  o  ab ab *  o  @eddddaaaaaCLkihhDLggggDLjggDLjgggDLaCLggggDLigggggDLjjgDL⎚Charcoal