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Deadfish~ is a super-set of the Deadfish programming language by Jonathan Todd Skinner aka User:Jonskinner. Deadfish~ adds Gotos, and a few more instructions to the Deadfish programming language. There are no plans to implement any sort of input feature, though functional Deadfish or object oriented Deadfish would be quite funny. So you know, Deadfish~ is pronounced as Deadfish Tilde.

Unlike its predecessor, there is no set standard for interpreters or compilers, so developers have more freedom when implementing. Like its predecessor, the accumulator ranges from 0 to 255 unless it is squared!


i This increments the accumulator
d This decrements the accumulator
c Makes the accumulator a character
o Outputs the accumulator
s Squares the accumulator
{} Instructions inside the curly braces loop for zero to ten times with an increment of +1
() If accumulator is not 0 then execute the statement inside once
h Halt
w Hello, World! greeting is displayed


A Python implementation of Deadfish~ is available on github

A shorter Python implementation of Deadfish~ is available on github. Unlike the above implementation, this supports files that are >1000 bytes and does not exceed the maximum recursion limit.

Sample Program

A hello world program.


Print out the alphabet


Let the world know what you think of Deadfish~


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