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Mdr. Hedwig Notta was a mathematician famous for discovering all the humorous mathematical things that come out of the #esoteric IRC channel on freenode. He invented/is inventing/wioll haven invent a lot of weird mathy things and revolutionizing the field of Esomath.


Hedwig Notta was born in the year 2025+√(-2) to a poor family that farmed bitcoins for a living. At the age of six+2i years old, Notta is reported to have asked his mother what the ith root of 1 is. His mother was dead of amathnea within six months.

At the age of 27, he recieved his fourth doctorate as well as his metadoctorate in doctorate-receiving, making him a metadoctor.


Calculus of Emotions

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While working on the relationship between surreal numbers and transfinite ordinals, Hedwig Notta discovered that there were more applications of this calculus than number theory. He realized that with the appropriately constructed structure-preserving morphism, that this new calculus could be applied to the theory of emotions, and transformations between emotions. Before he was able to complete his research, the U.N. pre-crime division from 2145 traveled back in time and hired him for the next 20+√(-1) years. During this time period, he was able to predict pre-crime with an accuracy and prevision far greater than the drug-induced psychics that the pre-crime division had used in the future until that point.

Notta Number Systems

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Twin Primes Water Tower Incident

Hedwig Notta lived across the way from the village water tower. One day, while trying to illustrate his recently discovered proof of the Twin Prime Conjecture, he found a manifestation of the effect which resulted in two water towers. The village was furious, but since then, they've never run out of water.